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  • CJ Premium Members Get 25% Off Download Purchases

    CJ model Amaya

    Just a quick announcement!  Kinda like those myriad Japanese point-cards, CJ Premium members now get an additional perk with their subscription--25% off all download purchases via a special member's-only discount code.

    The code is written on the login welcome page.  Please feel free to use it during checkout from the CJ clipstore.

    Please accept this little bonus as a token of my gratitude to all CJ Premium members.  You help keep the Covert Japan Project alive and thriving, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    Peace & Blessings,

  • Covert Japan Girl Akina Turns Pro

    Covert Japan model Akina
    2021 Covert Japan girl Akina has joined the pro JAV world, debuting on well-known JAV label IdeaPocket as Ren Hasumi (蓮実れん in Japanese).
    I wasn't all that surprised considering Akina is quite the looker--even my camera couldn't seem to get enough of her.  It goes without saying that making sweet love to her was beyond pleasurable, as I pumped a shockingly bountiful reproductive load into her.  I'll die a happy man knowing that I got to experience her young little puss before she was famous.
    Let's all wish Akina (aka Ren Hasumi) the very best and watch her pro career with great
  • NEW RELEASE - Minori is a Stunning Human Specimen

    Covert Japan model Minori
    Minori is a stunning human specimen--the perfect model for sculptors and painters.  She's the dreamy pin-up girl adorning military barracks.  She's the masturbatory fantasy of countless teenage boys.  She's the Playboy Playmate of Every Generation.
    I simply cannot stop thinking about how many babes her womanly hips can birth--or how many youths will suckle on her giving bountiful breasts.
    Please enjoy this video of me making love to a gorgeous Japanese girl half my age.
    Peace & Blessings,
  • Announcing Covert Japan Premium Video Membership

    Covert Japan model Amane
    When I started the Covert Japan project back in 2016, the digital download "clipstore" distribution approach made the most sense to me.  Just starting out, I had only a handful of videos, so I couldn't possibly expect people to join or subscribe to a website like that.  I also had no idea how long I'd continue the project or how often I would shoot, so selling the videos as individual downloads looked like the best road forward.
    And it was the best road forward for a long time, as many people (myself included) seemed to prefer the buy-only-what-you-want shop style.  However, fast-forward to 2021, and I'm well into my 6th year of shooting.  The Covert Japan video library has grown significantly in that time, so now is a felicitous time to offer a membership
  • New Release Starring Snoopy Japanese Step-Sis Mimi

    Covert Japan girl Mimi Cute but snoopy little Japanese step-sister Mimi stars in this cheeky, fun, and erotic new release!  Finding one of my many porn DVDs stashed under my bed, Mimi discovers that I'm living a double-life making porn.  Luckily, we work out a deal.  She'll keep quiet about the whole thing if I'll shoot her first porn experience.  It's a deal!

    It looks like porn runs in the family!

    Peace & Blessings,
  • Covert Japan VR News and Updates - July 2021

    Covert Japan models Ayami and Misa
    I know we're already over halfway through the year, but one of my 2021 New Year's resolutions was to do my best to up my VR game.  So here is a little news about Covert Japan VR going forward into 2021 and beyond...

    I joined more VR video platforms.
    I started out with SexLikeReal, but I also heard good things about some other popular VR adult video platforms, like VRPorn and POVR.  Perhaps their members would enjoy my videos, so I decided to reach-out and partner-up.  Please see the icons at the bottom of the page for the platforms I currently
  • NEW - Yui the Sweet Japanese Girl-Next-Door Curious About White Guy Sex

    Covert Japan girl Yui Starring one of the most superbly girls-next-door I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (and subsequently falling in love with), new Covert Japan release "Yui the Sweet Japanese Girl-Next-Door Curious About White Guy Sex" introduces sweet Yui--a youthful porcelain-skinned Asian beauty.

    As Yui is a fan of massages, I eagerly offered her one as I couldn't wait to selfishly caress every centimeter of her soft nude body with my lusty oiled-up hands.  This massage led to a lovely WMAF love-making session which I will never forget.

  • NEW VR RELEASE - Misa & Miriya's Happy Fun Fun How-To Video - Part 2

    Covert Japan idols Misa and Miriya Announcing PART 2 of the Ultra Fun FUN! VR sex lesson courtesy of Japanese school girl tubers Misa and Miriya!

    Misa & Miriya's Happy Fun Fun How-To Video - Part 2
    In this exciting continuation of Sex Coach Misa's How-To video series, the two Japanese angels strip down and service your cock up to full-staff, then take turns riding cowgirl on it.  Wow they're good at that!  Let's give them a rest and fuck them in doggie and missionary, swapping back and forth to get the full experience of their...
  • NEW VR RELEASE - Kaya's Horned-Up After Camming

    Covert Japan girl Kaya Announcing the second VR video release starring super-leggy Japanese vixen Kaya!

    Kaya is Horned Up After Camming
    Hot Japanese girlfriend Kaya's been hosting erotic cam shows in her free time during the pandemic.  You come home one fine day to find her on the floor wet, horny, and ready to play.  What a lucky find!  Not surprisingly, carnal hijinks ensues!


    Peace & Blessings,
  • NEW VR RELEASE - Misa & Miriya's Happy Fun Fun How-To Video - Part 1

    Covert Japan idols Misa and Miriya Announcing an Ultra Fun FUN! VR sex lesson courtesy of Japanese school girl tubers Misa and Miriya!

    Misa & Miriya's Happy Fun Fun How-To Video - Part 1
    As Misa's "Cherry Boy" boyfriend and Youtube channel director, you'll go behind the scenes, then IN the scenes, and then in the pussies of these two adorable J-idols.  Getting right there in the action, Misa takes on the role of Sex Coach.  Graciously sharing her best friend Miriya with you too, all together you make quite the winning team!...
  • NEW - Rem Does Interracial Anime Cosplay Fuck

    Covert Japan girl Rem Rem Does Interracial Anime Cosplay Fuck
    Announcing a fun new release starring Rem from the Japanese anime / manga series Re:Zero, we watch as Rem navigates the lovely world of interracial sex with a white guy.  Nothing beats having your cock serviced by a blue-eyed, blue-haired cosplay maid, so not surprisingly I spilled my seeds inside her little Asian puss.

    This intensely orgasmic experience inspired me to seek out more Japanese...
  • NEW VR RELEASE - Kaya's Japanese Massage Therapy

    Covert Japan girl Kaya This new VR release "Kaya's Japanese Massage Therapy" is kinda special to me because it's the first release I tried shooting with a totally fixed camera angle.  Up until now I've shot with a head-mounted style that has varying degrees of camera movement.  I personally enjoy this style as I have no problem with camera motion in VR, but I do admit it's not for motion-sensitive viewers.  So perhaps this new release will allow an even wider audience to enjoy Covert Japan VR videos.

    Well now...on to the video!

    Kaya is a tremendously sexy Japanese massage therapist that...
  • Covert Japan VR Videos Now Available on VRPorn

    Covert Japan logo After some nerdy research and measured post-masturbatory introspection, I decided to reach out to VRPorn to see if they'd be interested in a content partner relationship.  Like SexLikeReal, VRPorn is a very popular premium adult VR site with an impressive content library, so perhaps my little Japanese VR sex adventures could reach an even wider audience.  They were interested!  Yay!!

    So now there's another can enjoy Covert Japan VR videos via our own video store, via...
  • NEW RELEASE - Hana Needs a Dicking

    Covert Japan girl Hana Covert Japan's latest release "Hana Needs a Dicking" details the captivating adventures of nerdy high school girl Hana and her particular need for a nice interracial dicking.  As a foreign language and culture educator, I find it my duty and privilege to slip my old cock into young Japanese slits.  And many don't know this, but nerdy slits are actually the best--unspoiled and like-new, they grip like a soothing cum-inducing vice.  That combined with Hana's big fluffy ass and bountiful milky tits created the perfect conditions for a solid post-English-lesson sex session.

  • NEW RELEASE - Minori Heard a Rumor About the English Teacher VR

    2021 Covert Japan girl Minori Covert Japan proudly announces a new VR release entitled "Minori Heard a Rumor About the English Teacher."  It features a breath-taking Japanese girl named Minori--a young sweetie blessed with shockingly perfect breasts.

    After your first English lesson together, adorable Minori asks about a rumor she heard about you at school--you had sex with Sayaka!?  Intrigued Minori wants to one-up her classmate, so off comes her bra!  And before you know it, your bareback cock is pumping her tight little hairless pussy and groping her heavenly titties.

  • NEW RELEASE - Akari Works at a Maid Cafe

    Covert Japan girl Akari Today we dropped a new release with the exceptionally creative title "Akari Works at a Maid Cafe."  It features Covert Japan girl Akari, and she works at a Japanese maid cafe.  BTW, I'm so happy I finally got to use the expression "dropped a new release!"

    The plot of this video is fairly straightforward:
    Meeting Akari at a maid cafe, I invited her to sit for a Covert Japan documentary project interview.  She agreed!  So after the interview, we had bareback sex and I...
  • NEW RELEASE - Let's Summon the Magic Fox (starring Miriya)

    Covert Japan model Miriya Covert Japan is proud to announce a new VR release starring the illustrious Miriya--a Japanese angel that perfectly captures the heart-melting beauty of the youthful and vibrant girls of Japan.

    Let's Summon the Magic Fox (starring Miriya)
    You've been studying the ancient texts and mystical books of Japanese lore to learn the chants and incantations to summon "The Magic Fox," a fun-loving sex creature of Asian legend.  Hopefully, your developing supernatural conjuring skills are gonna cum in handy!


    Peace & Blessings,
  • NEW RELEASE - Paranormal Investigator Yuu Conjures the Spirits of Benevolence

    Covert Japan girl Yuu Covert Japan is proud to announce an edge-of-your-seat thriller new release starring sexy Japanese model Yuu!

    Paranormal Investigator Yuu Conjures the Spirits of Benevolence
    Paranormal investigator Miss Yuu conjures the bizarre yet amorous spirits haunting my room.  Luckily, these nymphomaniac spirits have one thing on their lusty minds--hot creampie sex!


    Peace & Blessings,
  • New Models Section

    Covert Japan girl Chie I've been gradually building a new models section on the site--a sort of database where you can see all of the Covert Japan girls along with a list of their video appearances.  I may add other pertinent information later, but first I want to get all the model profiles added.

    I think this site feature will make it easier for fans to find their favorite CJ models and scenes, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Peace & Blessings,
  • Covert Japan Girl Mion Enters the Pro JAV World

    2020 Covert Japan girl Mion
    I'm happy to announce that 2020 Covert Japan girl Mion has gone pro!  Debuting as "Ramu Natsukawa" (夏川ラム in Japanese) with famous JAV studio SOD, she's actually with the same studio that Covert Japan girl Kurumi debuted with.
    I don't know if I'm on a roll or something, but perhaps SOD likes my style?  Maybe I should send them my resume!
    I remember Mion fondly at our shoot, as she was more serious than most about making JAV a career, and not just a temporary stop.  I appreciate how she desired to hone her skills, as it led to very fun

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