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I know we're already over halfway through the year, but one of my 2021 New Year's resolutions was to do my best to up my VR game.  So here is a little news about Covert Japan VR going forward into 2021 and beyond...

I joined more VR video platforms.
I started out with SexLikeReal, but I also heard good things about some other popular VR adult video platforms, like VRPorn and POVR.  Perhaps their members would enjoy my videos, so I decided to reach-out and partner-up.  Please see the icons at the bottom of the page for the platforms I currently use.

I upgraded my VR camera.
My old camera wasn't bad, but an opportunity to buy a better camera for less than half the retail price suddenly popped-up on my radar.  I don't know what inspired me to randomly search for this, but I found a lightly-used VR camera on an online auction site, which is a fairly rare find.  Used camera equipment abounds on auction sites, but 180-degree VR cameras are very niche.  I don't often find them for sale second-hand.
I pulled the trigger on the auction and ended up winning it.  Yay!  So although it's not technically a "new" camera, it's definitely an upgrade from what I shot with before.

I'm trying to shoot static fixed-angle VR from now on.
Up until this recent camera purchase, my VR videos have featured camera movement.  I personally have been OK with this, but I understand that roughly 50% of the population is sensitive to camera motion in VR.  So while many people could enjoy my VR sex adventures, about the same amount of people could not due to VR motion sickness issues.

Next I did my best to stabilize the video motion as much as possible.  Mounting the camera on a motorized gimbal was a major improvement, but still some viewers left less-than-stellar feedback regarding the motion.
So why not just shoot fixed-angle VR from the start like the pros do?  Well, because honestly it comes with a number of challenges, especially for army-of-one amateurs like me...
1) Fixed angle is more restrictive with what you can do.
I figure many amateurs like me just wanna have fun playing with the girl(s) without a big-ass VR camera in the way.  This is why I stuck with a small head-mounted camera for so long.  This explains why I see many amateurs turn to shooting voyeur (third-person) VR--it's way easier to shoot.  Oh, and it also explains why most amateurs shoot 2D videos and not VR.  In other words, I'm a pervert that prioritizes fun sex with pretty girls over making money.  Forgive me!
2) You kinda need a crew if you're going to shoot really really pro VR.
In my case I shoot everything by myself, and I like it that way.  It would certainly be easier on me if I had a crew in the room to assist with the VR shooting process, but then the whole thing gets too "pro" and business-like to me.  It's way more fun, real, and intimate doing it all myself.  In other words, I'm a pervert trying to prevent the Covert Japan project from becoming too cold and commercial.
As I sometimes do freelance work with professional JAV studios, I'm honored to have been a part of a couple of pro VR shoots.  As I watched the actor contort himself into uncomfortable positions behind the massive VR camera rig and jerk himself for awkward swaths of time during angle and lighting changes, I couldn't imagine myself actually enjoying that role.
In fact, the director at that studio told me that many JAV actors don't like VR gigs.  Apparently, they're boring and feel like work, and many famous mainstream JAV actors refuse VR jobs.  The director himself stars in his own 2D video releases, but hires actors for VR.  Fascinating!
Despite all this--after detailed research and sound advice from others in the VR production industry, I decided to give it my all shooting the fixed-angle style.  But as you might have guessed--I'll likely continue my one-man-band approach and shoot by myself.  I don't mean to handicap my own productions, but there will most certainly be amateurish mistakes and imperfect viewing angles.  Forgive me!
Please know that I am doing my best to make each new video release better than previous ones.  Thank you for considering my POV and supporting the Covert Japan Project.
Peace & Blessings,

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