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Ayami's TPS Report
Moseying home in the midst of Ayami's solo session, you're immediately entranced by her overwhelming pheromones and...
Fun with Coconut Oil (starring Anna)

Combine smokin' hot Japanese "gyaru" model Anna with gratuitous amounts of hot coconut oil and...hijinks ensues!

Caught Playing with Yourself! (starring Ichigo)
Ichigo bursts in suddenly only to find you with pants down playing with your wiener.  Surprised but fascinated,...
Let's Play (starring Runa)
Endowed with an adorable doll-face and supple porcelain skin, Runa is the perfect Asian girlfriend--especially in...
Chinatsu Wants a Boyfriend
Envious of her best friend that recently got a boyfriend, Chinatsu confesses her affections and asks her English...
Fuck Me, Senpai!

Adorable coed Miriya opens her heart and confesses her feelings for you, the "senpai."

Celebrating the A with an F (starring Misa)
Misa passed a difficult English test with flying colors, so what better way to celebrate than to bang the English...
Welcome to the Neighborhood!
Mitsuka along with besties Ami and Asuna host a wild welcome party for the new neighbor.  Japanese hospitality is...
My Step-Daughter's Bestie Has Big Titties (starring Himari)
Himari is my step-daughter's best friend.  It's a long time no see, and she's grown quite a pair of tits since last...
Ena's Sore Leg Trick
Ena fakes a leg cramp at the end of class and requests a massage.  It's all good, cuz next thing ya know she's...
That Pretty Asian Girl Next Door (starring Rino)
Rino is blessed with the best of both worlds--she spotlights not only Japanese sexy-cuteness, but also passionate...
Intimate Moments with Emiri Momota
Fiery hot Japanese model Emiri Momota goes into sexy girlfriend mode--showing off her perfect body, then pleasuring...
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