Covert Japan model Akina
2021 Covert Japan girl Akina has joined the pro JAV world, debuting on well-known JAV label IdeaPocket as Ren Hasumi (蓮実れん in Japanese).
I wasn't all that surprised considering Akina is quite the looker--even my camera couldn't seem to get enough of her.  It goes without saying that making sweet love to her was beyond pleasurable, as I pumped a shockingly bountiful reproductive load into her.  I'll die a happy man knowing that I got to experience her young little puss before she was famous.
Let's all wish Akina (aka Ren Hasumi) the very best and watch her pro career with great expectations!

- Follow her on Twitter here.
Peace & Blessings,
Covert Japan girl Umi
There are a few exceptions, but most of the girls I shoot for Covert Japan are amateurs.  They're freelancers not in JAV agencies.  They're regular girls with boring day jobs.  Like me, they have flaws and aren't surgically enhanced.
Personally, I find the down-to-earth-ism of such Japanese girls-next-door tremendously erotic.  The realism and relatability breeds a rousing intimacy in me.  Understandably, however, I often receive this question from fans and haters alike--"Why don't you shoot some of those famous smoking-hot JAV stars?"
Please allow me to explain...

Covet Japan model Chiemi
Continuing the Covert Japan Language Education Series, we introduce sexy-cute Chiemi-sensei with a simple but useful lesson on Japanese vocabulary.  As she uses her own body to colorfully illustrate the Japanese words, Chiemi soon finds herself naked.
So like any highly-educated professor, she naturally segues the lesson into hot sex.  Nothing fuels higher education better than tight Asian pussy!
If you're interested in more erotic Japanese language lessons, you may also enjoy the other content in our educational series:
Mikan's Magical Japanese Lesson (2020)
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan girl Naomi
In coordination with the grand opening of the latest addition to CJ's ever-expanding business empire, popular lifestyle influencer and vlogger Naomi stopped by for the raw hands-on Creampie Cafe experience on our outdoor terrace.
CJ's Creampie Cafe of course offers delicious overpriced libations, but our cafe's signature flagship is the special service menu.
I don't want to spoil the surprise, but basically one of our cafe staff (usually a pale white dude) will do your sexual bidding, then have sex with you (no condom of course) until your pussy is overflowing with rich fertile semen.  You will leave our cafe with a big smile and your womb impregnated with an adorable interracial baby.
Please do send us pictures of your ensuing pregnancy and little bundle(s) of joy!  We're more than happy to post them on our Wall of Hapa Babies.
Peace & Blessings,
Covert Japan model Amane
Today is Amane's big test, but in the back of her mind she remembers the last group lesson, and how her best friend Yuu won rock-paper-scissors and fucked the English teacher.
But Yuu's not around, so today is her chance.  Fuck this Engrish test...English test...whatever...
Determined to get the teacher's attention, she sneaks under the desk and demonstrates her forte--sucking cock.  Watching Amane's big popping eyes and naturally beautiful face as she sucks your cock is unbridled heaven.  Then she sits on top and rides...
So much for this dumb Engrish test...if Amane wants to fuck then let's oblige her!
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan model Yukari
Japan produces cuteness better than any other country, and endearingly shy Yukari epitomizes Japan's prolific production to the T.  She gives herself a personal challenge to combat her shyness by giving camming a shot.
Bashful and unsure, but gradually gaining confidence, she strips for the camera.  Next she decides to order a guy from "CJ's Delivery Service."  This is getting hot...
Yukari's shyness proves so sweet and intimate, and her perky body riding on top is so erotic that nature takes its course, and you release inside her.
Peace and Blessings,
Covert Japan model Ramu
When I first met Ramu, I had a sudden flashback to this time a fellow foreigner randomly struck up a conversation with me in a cafe in Tokyo.  We naturally got to talking about the sublime cuteness of Japanese girls, and he said something to the effect of, "These Japanese girls are all so damn cute.  They're like cute little bunny rabbits.  I just wanna fuck 'em all!"

That pretty much sums it up.  Like a cute little bunny rabbit, Ramu is a pink-haired, fire-eyed anime cosplay cutie, and it wasn't long after making her lovely acquaintance that I was all horned up and ready to fug.

Peace & Blessings,
Covert Japan model Emiri
Covert Japan proudly presents a new VR release starring cute Emiri as the "Maid in Japan!"  Do you like Japanese maid??  Let's experience Japan's world-famous hospitality and top-class service.
Thanks to Emiri's fit petite body, tiny hole, and extraordinary maid service, your pipes will be clean as a whistle!
Peace and Blessings,
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