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Rem Does Interracial Anime Cosplay Fuck

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RELEASED: May 23, 2021
- 51 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- Creampie
Although I'm not all that familiar with Japanese anime, there's something exceedingly erotic about anime cosplay culture--the outfits, wild hair, sparkling eyes, and dollish voices all get me horny as fuck.  So my old cock and I were really excited to have Rem from the anime "Re:Zero" sit for a Covert Japan project interview.
Apparently Rem hides an intriguing secret under her adorably feminine and endearing anime maid exterior.  She's actually a demon complete with a retractable forehead horn.  And where there's horns, there's bound to be lots of horniness!
I wasn't expecting an anime maid to be so refreshingly aggressive.  Just embracing her and staring into those anime blue eyes got my own retractable horn all riled-up.
So we had lots and lots of anime cosplay fucky fuck, and Rem squealed and moaned the time away as only anime cosplay maids can do.  Out came my sperm load, right into her welcoming puss.
Now I'm totally in love with anime cosplay girls!  I can't wait to slip my penis inside more!
Peace and Blessings,