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I oil-up my pervy hands and give Misa an extended sensual body massage that gradually segues to a hot love-making session.

- Misa

RELEASED: Dec 27, 2022
- 68 minutes (see notes)
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Creampie

This video is one of my more experimental ones.  I basically wanted to copiously caress Misa's stunning young body with my pervy old oiled-up hands.  I even watched a couple massage how-to videos and bought a massage table in preparation.

I filmed it with both a head-mounted POV action camera, as well as a static tripod camera, so the entire scene plays though twice.  I subtitled only the POV version.

The massage portion went quite long, as I lost track of time indulging in the joys of Misa's exquisite beauty.  Honestly this video is probably not for you if you're not a fan of massage.  I was contemplating editing it down considerably; however, I left most of it intact as I personally found the connection of the moment both cute and intimate.  Plus, I figure people can simply skip past the massage portions if desired.

Eventually my warm oily hands found their way to Misa's perky little clit, where I gently kneaded.  The massage escalated to a love-making session, which I found especially hot due to the extended massage proceeding it.

Peace and Blessings,

68 minutes total:
- POV version is 35 minutes w/ about 15 minutes of massage
- Fixed camera version is 33 minutes w/ about 15 minutes of massage