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Misa & Miriya debut their new Youtube channel with a sexy fun how-to video!  Enjoy a threesome with their perky teen titties and tight Japanese school girl pussies as they suck and fuck the day away.

- Misa
- Miriya

RELEASED: May 29, 2021
- 26 minutes
- 180-degree 3D VR (top/bottom)
- 6K H265 MP4 (5760x2880) [highest quality]
- 4K H264 MP4 (3840x1920) [most compatible]
- Creampie

- The 2D version of this video was shot separately by a cameraman and will be released at a later date.
- This video contains camera movement, but it was stabilized with both a motorized gimbal & software stabilization.

Super cute Japanese idol Misa decided to launch her very own Youtube channel!  Along with her adorable best friend Miriya and the "Cherry Boy" director, it's bound to be a runaway success!
Misa and Miriya's debut tuber video guessed it...a "How-To!"  With Misa as coach and Miriya as assistant, they offer up their perky teen titties and little shaved Asian pussies for you to practice on.  First you learn volumes about Japanese school girl physiology, and next Misa and Miriya strip you down and ramp you up to a big stiffy.  After feasting on your twitching cock together, Coach Misa asks if you wanna pop inside.
Sure, Coach!
You pump them both in succession, enjoying the subtle differences in their wet young pussies.  As your balls are like watermelons overflowing with juices, you unleash your round 1 torrent.  It's a tough call deciding which one to creampie first!
Best how-to video ever!  Stay tuned for round 2...