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Kokona Visits Earth to Study Human Reproduction

Kokona is an alien from a distant galaxy visiting earth to study human reproduction.  Horny CJ eagerly teaches our cute intergalactic visitor all about the birds and the bees!



RELEASED: January 25, 2021
- 43 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- Creampie
As I relaxed alone in my room, the building suddenly started to shake.  Another earthquake!?  Godzilla!?  Next bizarre flashes of near-blinding light--then a cute young lady stood in my room.
Her name is Kokona, and apparently she's an alien from a far-away galaxy visiting earth to study human life and our reproductive process.  She starts by asking what kissing is.  I happily demonstrate on her soft youthful lips.
Curious about the human body, she next asks where it feels good.  This intergalactic research is gonna be fun...
Kokona and I engage in first contact the way the universe intended it--naked with tongues and genitals intertwined in a poetic tribute to the "Big Bang."
After impregnating her alien womb with my human seed, she wished me a fond farewell and beamed back up to her starship.  Now when I gaze up at the stars, I see a constellation of Kokona's tight alien pussy with my human semen dripping out of it.  It's to the right of the big dipper.
Peace and Blessings,