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RELEASED: May 11, 2021
- 32 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Bareback
One of my English students is this Japanese high school girl named Hana.  As are most Japanese girls, Hana's usually rather quiet and introverted.  In the back of my mind, I often wonder what it's like to fuck girls like that.  I reckon girls like Hana must be horny as fuck with tight pristine pussies.  Lots of repressed sexual energy.
After today's lesson, Hana seems to be in an odd mood--asking direct questions about me and the kind of girls I like.  Even introverted Japanese girls can be surprisingly direct sometimes.
Before I know it, Hana's showing me her tits.  And what tits they are!  Plump, but young and perky with milky white skin.  I can't help myself and suckle them.  Hana offers to massage my cock with her tits, so how could I refuse?  My cock is in paradise as it wallows in the plush Asian tit flesh.
I just gotta try this nerdy girl's pussy, and what a puss it is!  It welcomes my old white cock inside Hana's womanhood with abundant fanfare and tightness.  Not only that, but this girl has a nice wide ass on her--quite a rare find in Asia.
So it seems that even shy and reserved girls like Hana need a dicking, and I'm all too happy to oblige.  Just give me a hole, and I'll gladly penetrate it.
Peace and Blessings,