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$ 9.95

- Ena

RELEASED: September 15, 2023
- 21 minutes
- 180-degree 3D VR SBS
- 6K H265 MP4 (5760x2880) 60fps [highest quality]
- 4K H264 MP4 (3840x1920) 30fps [most compatible]
- 2K H264 MP4 (1920x1280) 30fps [2D version]

- A 2D cropped version of this video is included, so you can enjoy it with or without a VR headset.
- This VR video features gimbal-stabilized camera movement.

The last class of the day is with Ena--one of the more soft-spoken of the shy Japanese schoolgirl types.  She doesn't have any questions, but always seems to want to hang out after the lesson.  Today she suddenly gets a leg cramp and requests a massage.

You happily oblige...and then she leads your hands under her skirt, and next to her soft young breasts.  Oh, I think I see where this is going...

A sweet love-making session with your 18 year-old student is the ultimate way to end the day!