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Ama-Yuu Channel! Let's Order a White Guy!

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RELEASED: December 30, 2020
- 43 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- Creampie
Amane and Yuu are two very pretty and very popular young Japanese influencers with a hit online show called "Ama-Yuu Channel!"  Fascinated by recently discovering CJ's booming Foreigner Delivery Service, they feature it on their latest episode.  Yay!!
After placing their order, they warm up with a little innocent lez action.  Then Yuu surprises Amane with a lovely vibrator gift.  It's Amane's first time with the shaky little buddy.  What will happen?
The doorbell rings just as their horny little clits are nice and perky!
After brief but polite introductions, Amane and Yuu waste no time and pounce.  The clothes are expeditiously shed and CJ's cock grows super stiff as it gets serviced by the two Asian kitty cats.
Yuu, the slightly more adventurous one of the two, says she wants to try fucking this hard white cock and spreads her legs for the eager delivery boy.  CJ pumps her narrow slit as Amane watches and pleasures her gorgeous tube partner.
Grab some titties, spank some ass, make out with Amane while fucking Yuu in doggie, then impregnate Yuu.  It's always a fun time on Ama-Yuu Channel!  Like and subscribe, bitches!