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Japanty HunterZ - The Classic Free Massage Scam
Sneaky perverted couple CJ & Kaya saunter around the neighborhood hunting for Japanties.  By lucky chance they stumble upon some cute innocent prey and lure her into their lair...



- Kaya
- Chiemi

RELEASED: Oct 30, 2022
- 42 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Creampie

It's a rainy humdrum day at CJ & Kaya's hideout, so instead of the usual ramen lunch date, they decide to try something a little different...hunting "Japanties!"

Kaya makes the ideal wing-woman, as CJ's pickup chops are something to be desired.  Luring a yummy little Japanty named Chiemi under the pretext of a free massage, CJ and Kaya turn an otherwise boring rainy day into a truly orgasmic one!

Peace and Blessings,