Yukari's Homestay Adventure
Yukari's sex fantasy is going on a homestay and fucking the foreigner host-dad, so let's do this!



RELEASED: May 2, 2022
- 41 minutes
- 4K Ultra HD H.265 MP4
- English subtitles
- Creampie
- Bonus footage & behind-the-scenes at the end
Another adorable Japanese girl-next-door, Yukari lights up the room with her natural femininity, genuine kindness, and endearing smile.  I instantly found her a delight to be around.  She's one of those girls whose heart is full of joy--flowers bloom and birds sing as she strolls down the street.
It's revealed during our interview that Yukari decided to participate in the Covert Japan project because she has a certain sex fantasy.  As a young lady deficient in English language skills but abundant in sexual energy, Yukari dreams of going on a homestay and seducing the foreigner host-dad.
What a hot idea, so let's make it happen!  As a foreigner twice Yukari's age, I'm more than happy to play the DILF role in her naughty fantasy.
As CJ the unsuspecting host-dad returns home, Yukari's bath towel "accidentally" falls and the next thing ya know, she's giggling as her young lips wrap around foreigner DILF cock.  
What a lovely homestay!
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