Professor Chiemi's Sexy Japanese Lesson
Sexy-cute Chiemi-sensei hosts an unforgettable Japanese language lesson that starts with useful Japanese vocabulary, but ends with cumming inside her little Asian pussy!



RELEASED: January 18, 2022
- 20 minutes
- 180-degree 3D VR SBS
- 6K H265 MP4 (5760x2880) 60fps [highest quality]
- 4K H264 MP4 (3840x1920) 30fps [most compatible]
- 3K H264 MP4 (2880x1620) 30fps [2D version]
- Creampie
- A 2D non-VR version of this video is included, so you can enjoy it with or without a VR headset.
- This VR video was shot entirely fixed-angle, so there is no camera movement.

Introducing sexy-cute Professor Chiemi and her erotic Japanese lesson!  She kicks-off with useful Japanese vocabulary--parts of the female body like eyes, nose, and mouth.  Using her own bangin' body to illustrate, Chiemi's revolutionary approach is not only highly educational, but fun too!
Next the vocabulary lesson takes a naughty turn, and Chiemi gradually sheds her clothes all in the name of higher education.  This class has gotten too hot to wrap your head around, so fortunately Chiemi welcomes your other head into her warm mouth.
Chiemi guides you through part 2 of her lesson--the birds and the bees.  As you may know by now, the man's penis goes inside the little shaved Asian vagina and spews a big ol' load of semen inside.
Thanks to Chiemi-sensei, there's nothing more educational than human reproduction!
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