Dr. Akina's Psychotherapy Session
Revered Japanese psychiatrist Dr. Akina cures your homesickness using her innovative psychotherapy techniques...and her little vagina.



RELEASED: September 17, 2021
- 17 minutes
- 180-degree 3D VR (top/bottom)
- 6K H265 MP4 (5760x2880) [highest quality]
- 4K H264 MP4 (3840x1920) [most compatible]
- 3K H264 MP4 (2880x1620) [2D version]
- Creampie
- A 2D non-VR version of this video is included, so you can enjoy it with or without a VR headset.
- This VR video was shot entirely fixed-angle, so there is no camera movement.

Living abroad in Japan for a while now, you've been feeling a little depressed and homesick lately.  So you made an appointment with highly-respected Japanese psychiatrist Dr. Akina.
You explain your homesickness problem, and you quickly realize why Dr. Akina has so many 5-star reviews.  Assuring you that she has just what the doctor ordered to cure your homesickness, she strips off your underwear and gets to work.
She perks you up and pops you in, and suddenly you're feeling much better!  Sliding in and out of Dr. Akina's wet little therapeutic hole, you spew all your homesickness into her warm welcoming vagina.
Best. Psychotherapy Session. EVER!
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