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Covert Japan seeks to document and enjoy the otherworldly beauty of Japanese women and culture.
Creating art through cross-cultural and interracial love-making—
this is Covert Japan’s mission and passion.

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  • Announcement - Our New Brand

    Covert Japan logo
    We’d like to announce our new brand called “Focus Army.”
  • Covert Japan Announces First VR Release

    Covert Japan girl Kana
    Over the past several weeks, I've been experimenting with VR--testing various approaches, equipment, and software.  I'm very excited to announce CJ's very first VR release starring Kana.
  • New CJ Studio Channel on Sex Like Real

    Covert Japan - Sex Like Real
    Covert Japan is happy to announce our new studio channel freshly opened on dedicated adult VR site Sex Like Real, also known as "SLR".  Covert Japan VR releases will be available here, as well as our other sales channels.  At time of writing, there's only one VR video up there now, but more are on the way!

    The coolest thing about SLR is that they're wholly dedicated to VR content--they specialize in VR, and they do it damn well.  Video releases are rendered out to a plethora of headset-friendly formats for ideal compatibility with your device of choice.  I have the utmost respect for sites like SLR that focus on being the best at the details and particulars without trying to be and do everything.  I'm
  • Covert Japan Girl Miho Turns Pro

    Covert Japan girl Miho
    2019 Covert Japan girl Miho has turned pro, performing under the name "Karen Aihara."  It's always bittersweet when an amateur model I've worked with turns pro.  I'm of course elated to have worked with them (before their fame) and sincerely wish them the utmost success and happiness.  On the other hand, it usually means I can no longer work with them due to an exclusive contract with a JAV studio.
    Congratulations to Miss Miho, aka Karen Aihara!  May all your dreams come true!

    - You can find her pro JAV releases here.

    Peace and
  • Covert Japan Girl Kurumi Makes Pro JAV Debut

    2018 Covert Japan Girl Kurumi
    Breaking news!  I received word that another Covert Japan girl has turned pro--this time it's 2018 CJ girl Kurumi.  Now professionally known as "Chiharu Sakurai," (桜井千春 in Japanese) Kurumi performed in 2 Covert Japan releases, donning maid cosplay in the first, and heart-melting schoolgirl in the second.  So cute and so Japanese!  Working with her was extremely orgasm-inducing to say the least.
    It came as no surprise to me that adorable Kurumi moved onward and upward, as she
  • Covert Japan Clipstore Now Supports Credit Card Payments

    CCBill Logo
    Achievement Unlocked!  Covert Japan is happy to announce that our integrated website clipstore now accepts direct credit & debit card payments.  We finally got a coveted merchant account with CCBill, which is one of the most respected and well-known adult-industry-friendly credit card payment processors.
  • Announcing the Covert Japan Affiliate Program

    Covert Japan Logo
    Now that our website supports credit/debit card payments, we are able to offer an affiliate program via our payment processor CCBill.  In other words, you can make money promoting and selling Covert Japan content.  Isn't that freakin' awesome!?
    Simply click the signup button below to become a bad-ass CJ affiliate!  We pay a 50% commission on all purchases and recurring.
    Peace and Blessings,

  • Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow

    Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow
    Shooting, editing, and producing my own VR content has proven to be one hell of rollercoaster ride so far, so I took a little breather and spent the last month or so on research and development.  As I'm shooting a fairly challenging type of VR (self-shot 3D with camera movement), I take improving the final product very seriously.  I want each video to get more and more bad-ass.
    Starting with my VR release "Nami's English Lesson Goes Extra Credit," I made some significant tweaks to my VR workflow:
  • IndieBill Closes Its Doors

    One of my major goals for this year was to obtain a merchant account to allow the integrated Covert Japan video store to process credit card purchases directly.  I have nothing against clipstore platforms like ManyVids or Pornhub, but having your own merchant account offers the ultimate in flexibility and control.
    Well, long story short, thank the gods I did!  IndieBill, an adult video clipstore platform I used to rely heavily upon, announced that they will shutdown their business.
    This news highlighted the advantages to operating as independently as possible.  Lesson learned, and a fond
  • VR Remasters Now Available

    VR Remasters Now Available
    Just a quick VR-related announcement...
    As I shoot more VR videos, I've been gradually gaining knowledge and experience that have helped improve the video quality and overall 3D experience.  As I covered in a previous post (Tweaking the Covert Japan VR Workflow), a few things in particular made a significant impact on the VR quality.
    Therefore, I decided to apply this experience and technology to my previous VR releases and remastered them.  These remastered versions are now available for download in the Covert Japan store and the CJ SexLikeReal channel.  If you already
  • 2D Non-VR Versions of Covert Japan VR Videos

    Can You Provide 2D Non-VR Versions of Covert Japan VR Videos?
    Several fans asked if it's possible to provide 2D non-VR versions of the Covert Japan VR videos, so geeky me accepted the tech mission of figuring it out.  VR is essentially full POV shot with extremely wide-angle cameras (one camera per eye), so there should be more than enough image info to make a non-VR version.
    Also, it would be kinda cool to allow those without VR headsets to enjoy the VR videos.  I could be the vessel of peace between the VR and non-VR worlds--an ambassador of love and harmony if you will.
    With love and goodwill in my heart, I went to work on converting the Akari VR vid--my latest VR release at the time of this noble experiment.  After some trial and error, I think I got a pretty damn good
  • Covert Japan Girl Mion Enters the Pro JAV World

    2020 Covert Japan girl Mion
    I'm happy to announce that 2020 Covert Japan girl Mion has gone pro!  Debuting as "Ramu Natsukawa" (夏川ラム in Japanese) with famous JAV studio SOD, she's actually with the same studio that Covert Japan girl Kurumi debuted with.
    I don't know if I'm on a roll or something, but perhaps SOD likes my style?  Maybe I should send them my resume!
    I remember Mion fondly at our shoot, as she was more serious than most about making JAV a career, and not just a temporary stop.  I appreciate how she desired to hone her skills, as it led to very fun
  • New Models Section

    Covert Japan girl Chie I've been gradually building a new models section on the site--a sort of database where you can see all of the Covert Japan girls along with a list of their video appearances.  I may add other pertinent information later, but first I want to get all the model profiles added.

    I think this site feature will make it easier for fans to find their favorite CJ models and scenes, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Peace & Blessings,
  • NEW RELEASE - Paranormal Investigator Yuu Conjures the Spirits of Benevolence

    Covert Japan girl Yuu Covert Japan is proud to announce an edge-of-your-seat thriller new release starring sexy Japanese model Yuu!

    Paranormal Investigator Yuu Conjures the Spirits of Benevolence
    Paranormal investigator Miss Yuu conjures the bizarre yet amorous spirits haunting my room.  Luckily, these nymphomaniac spirits have one thing on their lusty minds--hot creampie sex!


    Peace & Blessings,
  • NEW RELEASE - Let's Summon the Magic Fox (starring Miriya)

    Covert Japan model Miriya Covert Japan is proud to announce a new VR release starring the illustrious Miriya--a Japanese angel that perfectly captures the heart-melting beauty of the youthful and vibrant girls of Japan.

    Let's Summon the Magic Fox (starring Miriya)
    You've been studying the ancient texts and mystical books of Japanese lore to learn the chants and incantations to summon "The Magic Fox," a fun-loving sex creature of Asian legend.  Hopefully, your developing supernatural conjuring skills are gonna cum in handy!


    Peace & Blessings,
  • NEW RELEASE - Akari Works at a Maid Cafe

    Covert Japan girl Akari Today we dropped a new release with the exceptionally creative title "Akari Works at a Maid Cafe."  It features Covert Japan girl Akari, and she works at a Japanese maid cafe.  BTW, I'm so happy I finally got to use the expression "dropped a new release!"

    The plot of this video is fairly straightforward:
    Meeting Akari at a maid cafe, I invited her to sit for a Covert Japan documentary project interview.  She agreed!  So after the interview, we had bareback sex and I...
  • NEW RELEASE - Minori Heard a Rumor About the English Teacher VR

    2021 Covert Japan girl Minori Covert Japan proudly announces a new VR release entitled "Minori Heard a Rumor About the English Teacher."  It features a breath-taking Japanese girl named Minori--a young sweetie blessed with shockingly perfect breasts.

    After your first English lesson together, adorable Minori asks about a rumor she heard about you at school--you had sex with Sayaka!?  Intrigued Minori wants to one-up her classmate, so off comes her bra!  And before you know it, your bareback cock is pumping her tight little hairless pussy and groping her heavenly titties.

  • NEW RELEASE - Hana Needs a Dicking

    Covert Japan girl Hana Covert Japan's latest release "Hana Needs a Dicking" details the captivating adventures of nerdy high school girl Hana and her particular need for a nice interracial dicking.  As a foreign language and culture educator, I find it my duty and privilege to slip my old cock into young Japanese slits.  And many don't know this, but nerdy slits are actually the best--unspoiled and like-new, they grip like a soothing cum-inducing vice.  That combined with Hana's big fluffy ass and bountiful milky tits created the perfect conditions for a solid post-English-lesson sex session.

  • Covert Japan VR Videos Now Available on VRPorn

    Covert Japan logo After some nerdy research and measured post-masturbatory introspection, I decided to reach out to VRPorn to see if they'd be interested in a content partner relationship.  Like SexLikeReal, VRPorn is a very popular premium adult VR site with an impressive content library, so perhaps my little Japanese VR sex adventures could reach an even wider audience.  They were interested!  Yay!!

    So now there's another can enjoy Covert Japan VR videos via our own video store, via...
  • NEW VR RELEASE - Kaya's Japanese Massage Therapy

    Covert Japan girl Kaya This new VR release "Kaya's Japanese Massage Therapy" is kinda special to me because it's the first release I tried shooting with a totally fixed camera angle.  Up until now I've shot with a head-mounted style that has varying degrees of camera movement.  I personally enjoy this style as I have no problem with camera motion in VR, but I do admit it's not for motion-sensitive viewers.  So perhaps this new release will allow an even wider audience to enjoy Covert Japan VR videos.

    Well now...on to the video!

    Kaya is a tremendously sexy Japanese massage therapist that...

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