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I have engaged ManyVids support on several occasions, so I compiled my questions and MV support answers into this Q&A post.  Perhaps this information will benefit other ManyVids models.

Q: I have a question about country block.  I use the ManyVids region block features, but I was hoping to "whitelist" a few MV members so that they can access my vids / profile. Is this possible?
While we don't currently have an option to whitelist specific members in a blocked region we think that it's a great idea! We have received this suggestion from other MV Stars, and we'll be happy to pass along your feedback to the Management Team for future consideration.

Q: Is it possible to link directly to the "get my vids" subscription page? I am asking because I'd like to create a "subscribe" link on my own website that directs straight to my Manyvids "get my vids" page.
Unfortunately, since the button is a pop up you won't be able to link it. The closest you can do is link your services page.

Q: I'm considering offering a membership option--streaming of all my vids. My vids are 4K, and I would prefer not to offer 4K streaming. I would like 4K to be a reason to purchase the download.  Does ManyVids support 4K streaming? If so, how can I disable it?
MV ANSWER 1: While I would love to assist you with this we do not have an option to change the quality of a video from your end. If you recorded the video in 3840 x 2160 pixels it will be shown in 4k.

It actually streams in 4K?
MV ANSWER 2: Great question! So if you upload a 4K vid, it will stream in 1080p, but the download will be in 4K, so I agree this would be a great incentive for member to purchase your downloadable content.

Are there any plans to support 4K streaming?
Not as of now. We used to support this feature but have since removed it. It is possible we may try to implement this feature in the future.

* When I did my own testing, it turns out it actually does stream in 4K.  This is typical ManyVids support--they reply and assist, but sometimes you get different answers depending on who you speak with.  I'd rather have no answer at all than a wrong answer. *

Q: I was wondering what happens if I stop offering a membership? What happens to the members that already subscribed?
MV ANSWER 1: Users that currently have a recurring membership will no longer have access to the content. We'd recommend reaching out to these members to advise them that you will be disabling the service so that they can be sure to disable their subscriptions.

MV ANSWER 2: Just to clarify, members who have purchased your membership will retain access to the content until the end of the pay period, but now that you have deleted your membership service, they won't renew and will then lose access to the content.

* These 2 answers seemed in conflict with each other, and I suspected that answer #1 wasn't entirely accurate (hence answer #2).  I think answer #3 finally clarified it... *

MV ANSWER 3: The simplest way to see membership/crush would be that the MV Star is entirely in control of the content. Whatever the MV Star adds or removes that day is what the member would get. Any vids removed by the MV Star would be removed for the member immediately. The only constant would be the status of the membership, not the content.

Q: What anti-piracy measures does ManyVids have?  Can Manyvids help if I find pirated versions of my videos?
ManyVids takes protecting our MV Stars’ content very seriously and our partners DMCAForce & DigiRegs are digitally imprinting every single active vid on ManyVids with a unique fingerprint ID and then frequently and automatically scan the entire world wide web for this fingerprint. If they find MV content somewhere where it shouldn’t be, they’ll automatically issue a DMCA takedown notice on behalf of the copyright owner.

For any content that is still active/live on the web, please fill-out the DMCA Takedown Submission Form here:

Q: I was wondering if your streaming only option uses encryption and/or DRM of any type? I ask because I'm finding my streaming-only MV videos pirated, so I'm guessing someone is using a video ripper of some sort.
The stream encryption to which you are referring (for example the kind used by Netflix and other massive scale vid stream services) is not currently supported on ManyVids. Keeping in mind, with screen recording software even the tightest encryption can be bypassed - our goal is to slow down piracy and make pirates look to easier targets in our sector.

Our technical team is aware of stream encryption and is investigating solutions to improve stream security in the future. Piracy is an ongoing problem for all intellectual property owners, and we understand the need to constantly improve in this area.

Thank you for your reply. If the stream is unencrypted, then I think you should update your FAQ to reflect this. Based on your FAQ (pasted below), I was under the impression that the streaming was secured with DRM (like FairPlay or Widevine) or at least with AES encryption because it uses phrases like "most secure streaming technology" and "think Netflix." Yes, while it is possible to rip a video using video capture software, this is not often employed by pirates because it's too time-consuming. Unfortunately, I think ManyVids is an easy target since the streams are unencrypted and can be ripped with web browser plugins. This might be why I keep finding ManyVids clone pirate sites emerging.

* Quoted from ManyVids website FAQ *
14. What is the “Secure Streaming” and how does it benefit MV Stars and MV Members?

MV is proud to offer MV Stars the most secure streaming technology offered by a clip site. This is an option for individual vid uploads as well as membership purchases. Of course download is also available.
Here’s how secure streaming benefits MV Members:
* Downloading takes time and space on MV Member’s hard drives. Secure streaming (think Netflix) means faster access to content and zero personal storage is used up.
* End quote *

Thank you, I will share your recommendation with the team responsible for the FAQ text.

Q: Is it possible to convert an MV Star account to an MV Producer account?
Yes, that is possible.  Please let us know what type of content you'll be uploading on the account so we could proceed accordingly.  In order to approve your account at this time, we would need you to provide photo IDs and signed model release forms for at least 2-3 of the performers featured in your content (other than yourself).

Q: With an MV Producer account, is it possible to have multiple brands?  Or would it be best to create separate accounts?
You will need to create separate accounts for each of your brands.  You'll need an individual email for each account as each login must be unique.  We request that each account have distinct content.

Q: Can I sell VR videos with Manyvids?
Yes, we do allow VR vids on MV.

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