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Fans sometimes request the full performer names of Covert Japan girls.  It's a common and understandable question because they're probably hoping to find more videos starring such-and-such a model.  Unfortunately, there's rarely any full model name to give.  Although Covert Japan isn't billed as a 100% pure amateur site (a few of the models are with agencies), it is called COVERT Japan for a reason.

And one of these reasons is that many of these girls don't really want to be found.  They aren't top porn agency models that build and promote their own brand, as many Western porn models do.  Most are total amateurs that simply enjoy starring in videos while having no aspirations of becoming well-known in the adult video industry.  A few others are what I call "agency amateurs."  They are in agencies, but like the amateurs, they have no dreams of becoming famous.  They work other normal jobs that they intend to keep, so they change their model names and hairstyles often to prevent being outed as porn performers.  In Japanese this is called "KAO-BARE," and it's a big fear of many JAV models.  As the guy that blurs his own face, I can certainly relate to all of this.

Sadly, the JAV industry still comes with big ol' loads of stigma, so I try to assist the models with protecting the sanctity of their non-JAV lives.  This is why I don't really use full model names on Covert Japan.

So I'm sorry, but I almost never have a good answer to the "What's her full model name?" question.  If I ever do have the opportunity to work with a top A-class JAV star that boasts a million Twitter followers and her own line of lingerie, I will most certainly tell you her name!  But in such a case, you'd probably already know her name, right?
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