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Can You Provide 2D Non-VR Versions of Covert Japan VR Videos?
Several fans asked if it's possible to provide 2D non-VR versions of the Covert Japan VR videos, so geeky me accepted the tech mission of figuring it out.  VR is essentially full POV shot with extremely wide-angle cameras (one camera per eye), so there should be more than enough image info to make a non-VR version.
Also, it would be kinda cool to allow those without VR headsets to enjoy the VR videos.  I could be the vessel of peace between the VR and non-VR worlds--an ambassador of love and harmony if you will.
With love and goodwill in my heart, I went to work on converting the Akari VR vid--my latest VR release at the time of this noble experiment.  After some trial and error, I think I got a pretty damn good result.
The Akari VR video now includes a 2D non-VR version, and depending on the video and way it was shot, I plan to provide 2D non-VR versions of VR releases going forward.

Please understand the following regarding 2D versions of VR videos:
- I can't promise to provide a 2D version of each and every VR video.  Some videos may not convert well, while others might have a separate 2D version shot by a cameraman.
- VR videos will show considerable lens distortion at the edge of the image when viewed in flat 2D.  I do my best to crop out this distortion so that the 2D version looks normal.  So depending on the camera angle or sexual position, some of the image may get cropped-out in the 2D version.  For example, the girl's head may not be visible in cowgirl.

Peace and Blessings,

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