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One of my 2020 New Year's resolutions was to full-on jump in the pool and try producing VR videos.  Since I'm obviously quite new to VR production and a one-man show, I'm interested to hear any and all viewer feedback regarding my (relatively amateur) VR efforts.  Here I address some of the constructive feedback I've received so far...

Covert Japan is my favorite studio here, but I wish the camera would be little lower. But, I understand that he has to wear gear on his head, Great job!
First, this was received via my SexLikeReal channel, so I'm deeply flattered by the line "my favorite studio here," as there are myriads of highly-talented VR producers on SexLikeReal.  Thank you very much for that!
To address the second part of the comment--yes, as a self-shooter, I do indeed mount the camera to my head.  I've experimented with various mounting styles and so far this one provides the best balance of viewing angle and minimizing the dreaded camera shake.
I could of course do what most others do and shoot statically with the camera mounted to a tripod, but I think this places too many limitations on the dynamism of the scene as a whole.  In other words, I'm not really into that "dead body guy" style.
I am experimenting with blending static shots with camera-movement shots, like I do with 2D scenes.  I actually did this in an upcoming VR video--the scene segues from head-mounted POV to a voyeuristic portion viewed in the bathroom.  This scene is almost done, so I'm excited to experience the final edit.
I find it a very uncomfortable experience. I think this is as she is very short and he is tall and has the camera on his head. You really have to look down constantly to see her and some of it just does not work the kissing scene at the beginning of the video is a prime example. There are some bits of it that are ok and she is beautiful but it always seems she is just too close whatever setting you use. I ask you to have another look at this specific video. It's a pity (because) this could have been one of the best all time VR porn movies but its experience for me is ruined by these issues. I have many other porn VR movies mainly from Property Sex VR and these work perfectly and you do not have these issues. 
Thank you for the constructive feedback.  I understand my VR shooting style differs from the pros in that I self-shoot using an actioncam-style camera.  I know this style isn't for everyone as it introduces some camera movement and closer viewing angles, but I think it also allows for going beyond usual static-shot VR with a "dead body" male actor.  The idea is to bring the VR experience as close to real sex as possible.  Kissing is inevitably going to be very close because that's the way it is in real life.  This is why people often close their eyes while making out.  If you're standing up and a girl is blowing you, then you're naturally having to look down at her.  I personally had never had such a VR experience, so my goal was to introduce these elements.
I know it may sound crazy to suggest closing your eyes during a VR kissing sequence, but I myself have tried this with other videos and apps and enjoy it very much.  The auditory experience proves surprisingly stimulating and carries the scene's eroticsm forward.  As in real life, the girl is right there intimately close, so I close my eyes and enjoy the sounds of lips embracing and snatch very brief glimpses of what's happening.  Believe it or not, I feel that short audio-only breaks like this reduce my eye fatigue and boost my overall enjoyment of VR.
I fully accept that I cannot please everyone, so I suggest skipping over my content if you do not share in or at least distantly relate to my creative vision.  However, I do take this feedback to heart, so I am also looking at ways to improve and tweak my production techniques so that the videos appeal to a wider range of viewer tastes.  In fact, recently I've been experimenting with simply angling the camera down a little more so that you don't have to look down as much.
Peace and Blessings,

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